Are You Ready to Use a Next-Generation Payment Solution?

With credit/debit traffic increasing rapidly, migrating from slower dial-up transaction processing to faster “high speed” Ethernet processing, IP offers cost savings, increased reliability and enhanced functionality. Ethernet presents tremendous opportunities for electronic transactions such as accessing higher bandwidth technologies so that businesses can take advantage of faster transaction times and customers can purchase goods more efficiently.

Most businesses with an existing IP network or plans to implement one can reduce charges associated with POS terminal data transfer, telephone lines and relevant communications. The good news is, IP solutions fulfilled by Advanced do not require much more than the appropriate equipment and an Ethernet drop.

To leverage these Ethernet efficiencies in electronic transactions, Advanced, through our preferred IP Terminal solutions from Hypercom incorporates secure Ethernet functionality in its Plus family of terminals. Along with Ethernet connectivity, Plus terminals offer multi-host support, a fast, integrated printer, and ports connecting additional peripherals such as check readers.

Merchants are struggling to more efficiently handle an increasing number of credit and debit transactions, especially during peak times, to increase sales and provide better customer service. They are also looking to add value-added services at the point of sale that require high-speed connectivity.

Dial telephone authorizations can no longer handle this flood of card transactions efficiently. Dial-up connectivity has created a costly bottleneck of time and money that merchants have been waiting to overcome.

The Wait is Over!

IP point of sale solutions break the telecom bottleneck by letting merchants process transactions over a lightning-fast, always-on connection using IP – the same Internet Protocol that allows you to browse the web or send and receive email.

IP is used today in cell phones, satellite TV, home PCs, and portable laptops and PDAs. IP can work over the public Internet or over private networks. These new Enhanced Communications electronic payment systems use that same IP to send secure transmissions that are reliable, simple to use and flexible to operate.

DO YOU NEED SPEED? IP Processing Delivers the Following

Enhanced communications delivers unmatched speed to the POS.

  • Eliminate monthly cost of dial lines
  • Leverage existing network infrastructures (DSL, Cable, Ethernet)
  • Lower transaction cost on IP processing.

Provide your customers with the best security no matter what wired or wireless IP-based connectivity option they choose.

  • Internet-based transactions use SSL / Open Standard
  • First in the industry, proactive virus detection and removal

It is costing your customers money to keep older terminals.

  • Eliminate monthly cost of dial lines
  • Leverage existing network infrastructures (DSL, Cable, Ethernet)
  • Lower transaction cost on IP processing.

Increase revenues by allowing your customer to offer additional payment options.

  • Value-added applications (gift, prepaid) help increase foot traffic, attract new customers and enhance customer loyalty
  • Accept payments where you previously couldn’t such as sidewalk sales and kiosks

Offer your customers modular solutions that can be upgraded as your customers’ needs change.

  • IP solutions provide a range of connectivity and payment options
  • Modular systems can be easily upgraded as technologies or business needs change

Finally, VeriFone and Hypercom offer a family of system solutions that is easy to use!

  • Easy to set-up, use, upgrade and maintain
  • Same ATM-style user interface means to know one is to know them all

VeriFone and Hypercom have terminal based IP system solutions that are available today. There are also numerous software
and gateway solutions available that efficiently accommodate IP.

  • Hypercom and Verifone have IP solutions that support a full range of high speed, Internet-based technologies
  • These solutions are practical, proven, and already in use by thousands of retailers

Experience high-speed IP processing!

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