Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur and launching your own business? Do you long for the day when you can quit your current job and live your dream of being your own boss? Many wantrepreneurs could in fact become successful entrepreneurs if only they embodied the confidence necessary to make the leap. If you’re tired of wishing for the life of an entrepreneur and instead want to live that life, following are five simple steps you can practice each day to boost your confidence and build your backbone:

The Challenge
Challenge yourself each day to work on a specific entrepreneurship skill. Whether you need to bolster your public speaking skills or your business copywriting skills are lacking, focus on lessening your shortcomings. Not only will your skills improve, your confidence will too.

You Must Realize
Realize that entrepreneurship is not a short-term game. Your business idea isn’t going to magically succeed overnight. You need to be prepared to slog away at building your company for years, if not decades.

Think About The Journey
Make a point of thinking about the joy of the journey each day. It’s easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up in the challenges of running a business. Even if it’s only for a minute a day, focus on the feelings that fuel your passion and let that joy propel you towards happiness.

Embrace Your Fears
Learn to embrace your entrepreneurial fears. Challenge yourself to try that which scares you, even if it is only in small ways. Attempt to connect with high-profile mentors, cold-email a potential business lead, or be brave enough to promote your upcoming endeavor while waiting in line for coffee.

Age Is No Barrier
Accept that age isn’t a barrier to entrepreneurship. Never tell yourself you’re getting to old to try. With age comes wisdom; use that knowledge to fuel your fire.

Remembering to incorporate these five simple truths into your day can have a long-lasting impact on your career. You’ll enjoy your journey, infect others with your enthusiasm, and will likely be more grateful for the opportunity and freedom. Are you willing to embrace your fears in order to revel in your joys?