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Jason Felts is the CEO of Advanced Merchant Services. Starting out of his home in 1998, he has led his company to the corporate enterprise it is today. Jason has a dedicated passion to motivate others to pursue their entrepreneurial goals and become successful.

4 Incredible Things All Entrepreneurs Have in Common

An entrepreneur's personality is defined in so many different ways. You'll find that some are eccentric and introverted, while others are outspoken and full of energy. In the end, it's not necessary the personality that makes an entrepreneur, but more so the traits that many of them all have in common. Entrepreneurs Share More Than [...]

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5 Main Reasons Why Fear Becomes a Great Obstacle to Success

When fear creeps in, you become paralyzed. It causes doubt, delay and eventually leads to lack of action. Without action, nothing happens. Opportunities just come and go. Before you know it, time has already passed. All that's left is regret. When it comes to success, fear only becomes a great obstacle if you allow it [...]

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8 Qualities of Great Business Leaders

What does "strong leadership" really mean? Why do some leaders inspire loyalty and respect in their employees? They listen to their employees. Good leaders don't tell their subordinates what they should learn. They ask them what they want to learn in order to do their job better. In other words, don't choose the subject for [...]

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming Your Own Boss

Becoming your own boss can be a liberating and exciting experience, or potentially a complete nightmare. Depending on your temperament and how solid and realistic your plans are, the decision to start a business or go freelance can be the beginning of a lucrative career beyond the shackles of being a wage slave, but without [...]

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Entrepreneurship 101 – 5 Simple Tips to Become a More Confident Entrepreneur

Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur and launching your own business? Do you long for the day when you can quit your current job and live your dream of being your own boss? Many wantrepreneurs could in fact become successful entrepreneurs if only they embodied the confidence necessary to make the leap. If you're [...]

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7 Tips for Negotiating Successfully

We all engage in negotiations. A parent negotiates with a teenage child about an appropriate bedtime. A union negotiates a collective agreement with management. Business owners negotiate with vendors.  A person seeking to purchase a house negotiates with the homeowner. Accordingly, we should all try to learn good negotiation techniques. Such techniques do not ensure [...]

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5 Life-Changing Ways Entrepreneurs Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is surprisingly difficult as an entrepreneur. While it's certainly exciting, much your time will be spent grinding away, handling less-than-exciting jobs such as paperwork and accounting. No matter how passionate you are, it takes a toll on you. Fortunately, staying motivated is a matter of habit. Approach your day right, and your motivation [...]

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7 Reasons Why Startup Businesses Fail

If you're thinking about starting your own business, there are a few things you should know. According to Forbes, 36% of businesses failed within the first 2 years. According to other sources, this figure is much higher and is closer to the 50% mark. Businesses expected to make it past the 5-year mark are only [...]

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3 Tips for Time Management: Get More Done

You wish there were more hours in a day because there's never enough time to do everything. The to-do lists grow, the deadlines loom, and your stress levels rise to the point where you don't know what to do anymore. If only you had more time, you could catch up and maybe even stay on [...]

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Mastering the Mindset of Entrepreneurial Success

We all yearn for success in one way or another, but many of us fail to become successful in the way we want. Often this is because we simply don't have a clear picture of how to become successful. Especially for those of us with many goals and ambitions, and particularly for aspiring entrepreneurs, understanding the subtle nature [...]

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